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Antidote is a project arising from a partnership among 16 countries to address the need to replace the discriminatory narratives spread by populist parties against minorities and migrants, in favor of open-minded and including rhetorics to trigger an integration process of these communities into the European Union. 

Cultural differences are not a danger to be worried about, yet an enrichment to be pursued to create a multi-faceted European identity. 

The implementation phases consist in workshops and activities led by experts to improve intercultural dialogue and counter-narratives skills. The learning material will be later disseminated by participants in their own communities spreading tolerance through debates with a cascade effect. Besides, the resources will be stored online too, in the form of tools and educational videos

The project should indirect reach at least 15000 EU citizens, aiming at

1) improving skills in analyzing rhetorics of political discourses

2) organizing workshops to challenge the spread of stereotypes,

fostering instead tolerance

3) creating networks of citizens to deepen the knowledge of

different traditions, pursuing cultural enrichment 

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